Quakecon 2020 is officially Canceled

Many folks were looking forward to Quakecon 2020 but if you’ve lived 1 second in the year 2020. You’ve already realized that Quakecon was in jeopardy of happening because of COVID-19.

Katowice being our first event being affected. The Contestants still competed but without an Audience.

Quake, unfortunately, wasn’t the only game affected. Many other games at the Katowice event

Quakecon 2020 Official Statement

Below is the official statement from Quakecon.

Quakecon 2020 Canceled

Quakecon in 2019 which turned into DoomCon and Doom Eternal didn’t even release that year… was already disappointing. It’s been a rough few years for all of us Quakefans. Nothing against Doom, I love Doom almost as much as I do Quake, but this was supposed to be a big year for Quake.

Quakecon and the Quake Pro League?

What does this mean for the Quake Pro League Finals you might ask. Looks like they will finish the Season 3 finals online and as for Season 4, it is still to be determined.

As the majority of us are forced to stay at home and work. This is at least good news that the Quake Pro League is continuing, and gives us something to watch.

The year 2020 is off to a really rocky start. Nothing has been good news at all this year. Luckily in this day and age, we are able to somewhat have live eSport content delivered directly to our screens.

Quakecon 2020 Conclusion

I’ve never been to Quakecon but it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. If there is any light in this time of darkness, its that we can still enjoy some online content.

You should join me tomorrow over on the YouTube Channel for the Quakefans Radio. We can talk about the cancellation of Quakecon this year together.

It starts around 7 A.M. EST

Everyone stay safe, follow me on Twitter, and be sure to wash those hands.