In The Keep Podcast – #21 RottenRose (TastySpleen)

“Krista ‘RottenRose’ Popa is a talented lady known & beloved in the community not just for her vast range of contributions across the board, but also for being a bit of a ‘Quake mom’ to many with her sweet & strong spirit. RottenRose joins The Keep to discuss everything including her beginnings in Quake 2 after meeting Jehar, a ‘more eloquently told’ story of how the two of them became engaged, her stylish crafting & beautiful community artwork, and some great stories from her times being a tournament admin including one involving a bowling ball and a staff dormitory! Also discussed is her involvement with Tastyspleen & Tastycups, the vision behind her founding of the HoneyBeez, her recent experiences at QHLAN, and so much more!”

– Violentheart

RottenRose is married to the greatest eSports caster of all time, but there’s more to her than just that. She is a key member of the community as she provides life and personality rivaled by no other.

Jehar and Rotten Rose at QHLan 2019

What makes RottenRose so special?

RottenRose is the designer behind the Tastyspleen merchandise. A prominent figure at events such as Quakecon and QHLAN, her journey into the Arena FPS is truly unique because of her connection to her husband, the community and nurturing sensibilities. I know she’s my Quake Mom. Who’s yours?

RottenRose is the force that literally feeds your favorite pro players. If you thought Av3k paid for his own groceries at Quakcon 2019, you’re wrong because that was Rose! She’s also a philanthropist, supporting the project Helping Hands which provides support to victims of domestic violence because she is a saint!


Timestamps are provided by Branflakes because she is the real Queen of the Clifftop!

01:57 Caco-lantern contest
02:55 Pigeon Classic Charity Event Oct 18-19
07:50 Introduction
10:30 Rose’s beginnings in Quake/ Meeting Jehar
15:00 Quakecon!
22:05 A bowling ball and a break-in of the staff dormitory
24:14 Proposal at Quakecon
31:45 QHLAN
42:39 Tastycups for QC:DE
47:56 Dirty Bomb/Sub-Zero Arena
50:05 Warsow/movement
52:24 Rose at Quakecon/Multiplayer Doom Federation
54:15 DevastatioN & Janedoe
57:00 The Adam Pyle Cheerleading Show
1:00:20 The Merits of Quakeworld/Warfork
01:04:15 Rose’s Plugs

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