In The Keep Podcast – #27 GNiK (Quake Champions Pro)

GNiK by Hawr1x

GNiK recently made his way into the Quake Pro League by qualifying through the Challenger’s League and competing at Lucca. Here we cover topics such as picking up Quake 3 as a 5-year-old, his controversial escapades as a teen in Quake Live and his journey into the QPL over the past year.

First and foremost, we need to say thank you to Smango for making this interview happen. It is because of his diligence in monitoring the Quake Pro League (something I do not always have time to do myself) that this interview came to be. I’ve been a fan of GNiK for a long time but in all honesty; I had no idea GNiK was doing so well in the Challengers League. Fast forward to the weekend before Lucca Comics & Games when I receive a message from GNiK:

“QuakeFans is doing some thing on me and one of the questions was about you doing a podcast with me.”


You can read that article (which is a profile of GNiK’s gear and settings) here.

Suddenly I’m up to speed on the recent happenings and GNiK is on his way to Lucca for his first ever major LAN event and to pursue his dream of becoming a professional Quake player. AND HE DID IT! The weekend of Lucca I had just transitioned to night shift at work, freeing me up to be awake during the event where I watched GNiK defeat Br1ck in an epic best of 5 match-up. More importantly, this win meant that GNiK was now an official member of the QPL.

After the event we quickly scheduled some time to sit down and record this interview as a celebration of GNiK’s victory and a peek into his unique journey to get here.

GNiK w/ Br1ck by Hawr1x

GNiK’s Journey

GNiK is a 21-year-old from British Columbia who had never (until Lucca) been further from home than Alberta. His Quake journey began while he was a child playing with his father and brothers. As he grew into adolescence, he made a controversial name for himself in Quake Live (more on that in the interview). Fast forward to Quake Champions. After the infamous Christmas patch of 2018, the official competitive scene took a LONG lull. Luckily, people like S L I P & UNKiND of State of Quake and IamFortyLions kept the North American competitive scene alive through various community events.

Enter GNiK.

Throughout that season, GNiK fought his way to the top, winning a disproportionate amount of events and showing the world that he was a force to be reckoned with. When the QPL began at Quakecon 2019, who better to throw their hat into the Challenger’s League than GNiK? You know the rest.

GNiK w/ belt by Hawr1x

Talking about Quake Champions

Now I am perfectly aware of how critical I have been of Quake Champions over the past 6 months. I’ve been involved in several interviews where I have laid out my opinions on the game, most notably my appearance on Beyond Strafe Jumping with Shazzik. None of this is to say that I am any less enthusiastic about Quake Champions or the QPL. Quite the contrary. It is only to say that my relative lull in involvement with the game left me a little out of the loop over the past few months.

So… we brought in an expert. I asked Hawr1x of to join us for this interview as there is no one I can think of more qualified (and easily accessible) to ask questions of about Quake Champions eSports than the man who dedicates himself to covering it. Furthermore, Hawr1x was AT Lucca to witness all the happening in person.


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Quake Pro League Recap and Results – Stage 1 Week 3

Below is the Quake Pro League recap that I thought was interesting match-ups or not so interesting. I want to start off by saying the Production Team producing the QPL is amazing. The Quality and Commenting has been top notch!

Let me know your favorite matches down below in the comment section!


Toxjq Vs Coollerz

Truthfully, I thought this match would be a lot closer. Tuns out that Coollerz decided to dominate each round.

Xron Vs Garpy

Mytro came out strong in the first round against Xron. He even had the lead for the longest time because Xron decided to go on a spree and clinch the win. This match-up was more evenly matched than what the score showed.

Av3k vs Raisy

One of the best match ups of the day goes to Av3k and Raisy in my opinion.

Round 3 is the best one to watch completely down to the wire. All rounds stayed close was very exciting to watch. True Quake worthy competition.

K1llsen Vs. Vengeurr

Why K1llsen… Why.

Vengeur ending up taking the match 2 – 1 gaining him some massive points in the rankings! The new blood decided to really take it to K1llsen. I believe all of K1llsen’s powers disappeared after he dyed his hair blue.

I believe the Quakecon 2019 World Champion will make a more valiant effort next match-up.

Overall team Myztro had a great showing today and can’t be disappointed in any of their players.


Dramis Vs Whaz

This really was a toss up in weather who had the better advantage.

Map 2 was ALOT closer than the 5 – 1 score shows. Whaz had control several times and a few mental mistakes like allowing the railgun to run out of ammo was crucial in the end.

Dramis showing his expertise with Slash in Map 1 running and railing. Very close in skill in my opinion a great match to watch!

Dahang Vs Effortless

Dahang showed dominance early on each map. Effortless kept it kind of close in the first map but Dahang controlled everything pretty flawless on map 2 and 3. I thought we would see more even match after the first map granting Effortless the railgun.

Turns out Dahang’s railgun is pure deadly.

Team Liquid continues to display the reason why they are on top of the e-Sports scene even on Quake Champions. With Shane and Tim leading the rankings.

Nosfa Vs Cha1n

Nosfa showed pure dominance on Map 1 with Nark Nark. Was never really close Cha1n couldn’t keep up with Nosfa Anarki’s speed.

Woah, Map 2 on Ruins of Sarnath was just a true chess match of Champions. Not many frags but what a performance by both quake pros.

Map 3… What a match. Cha1n had it for the longest time. Nosfa didn’t give up and took the game literally down to the WIRE. It was anyones match at the end. A few different rails and shots that connect and the game could’ve went to Cha1n. Great Match-Up Worth watching!

Rapha Vs Psygib

This was the match I was really looking forward too.

I thought Psygib would be keeping it a lot closer than the actual score shows but that only happened in round 3 / map 3. Rapha decided that he would play out of mind and come back from behind giving him the 3 – 0 victory.

If there is one thing you can say about Rapha is that he never stops playing no matter what. Always holds his composure and keeps chugging along.

There was a sick Rocket Dodge on Awoken I tried to clip it during the Live but it failed for some reason. On Vale of P-nath Rapha has the Rocket/Orb combo down to a science and made Galena actually look mortal.

Quake Pro League Week 3 Conclusion

If Rapha keeps going 3 – 0 on everyone he plays I don’t know if anyone can catch him. He is almost a full 10 points ahead of K1llsen now. Coollerz isn’t far behind in the Frags category at least.

I really want to see some of the lower ranks pick up and especially Br1ck and get a few wins under his belt.

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