In The Keep Podcast – #27 GNiK (Quake Champions Pro)

GNiK by Hawr1x

GNiK recently made his way into the Quake Pro League by qualifying through the Challenger’s League and competing at Lucca. Here we cover topics such as picking up Quake 3 as a 5-year-old, his controversial escapades as a teen in Quake Live and his journey into the QPL over the past year.

First and foremost, we need to say thank you to Smango for making this interview happen. It is because of his diligence in monitoring the Quake Pro League (something I do not always have time to do myself) that this interview came to be. I’ve been a fan of GNiK for a long time but in all honesty; I had no idea GNiK was doing so well in the Challengers League. Fast forward to the weekend before Lucca Comics & Games when I receive a message from GNiK:

“QuakeFans is doing some thing on me and one of the questions was about you doing a podcast with me.”


You can read that article (which is a profile of GNiK’s gear and settings) here.

Suddenly I’m up to speed on the recent happenings and GNiK is on his way to Lucca for his first ever major LAN event and to pursue his dream of becoming a professional Quake player. AND HE DID IT! The weekend of Lucca I had just transitioned to night shift at work, freeing me up to be awake during the event where I watched GNiK defeat Br1ck in an epic best of 5 match-up. More importantly, this win meant that GNiK was now an official member of the QPL.

After the event we quickly scheduled some time to sit down and record this interview as a celebration of GNiK’s victory and a peek into his unique journey to get here.

GNiK w/ Br1ck by Hawr1x

GNiK’s Journey

GNiK is a 21-year-old from British Columbia who had never (until Lucca) been further from home than Alberta. His Quake journey began while he was a child playing with his father and brothers. As he grew into adolescence, he made a controversial name for himself in Quake Live (more on that in the interview). Fast forward to Quake Champions. After the infamous Christmas patch of 2018, the official competitive scene took a LONG lull. Luckily, people like S L I P & UNKiND of State of Quake and IamFortyLions kept the North American competitive scene alive through various community events.

Enter GNiK.

Throughout that season, GNiK fought his way to the top, winning a disproportionate amount of events and showing the world that he was a force to be reckoned with. When the QPL began at Quakecon 2019, who better to throw their hat into the Challenger’s League than GNiK? You know the rest.

GNiK w/ belt by Hawr1x

Talking about Quake Champions

Now I am perfectly aware of how critical I have been of Quake Champions over the past 6 months. I’ve been involved in several interviews where I have laid out my opinions on the game, most notably my appearance on Beyond Strafe Jumping with Shazzik. None of this is to say that I am any less enthusiastic about Quake Champions or the QPL. Quite the contrary. It is only to say that my relative lull in involvement with the game left me a little out of the loop over the past few months.

So… we brought in an expert. I asked Hawr1x of to join us for this interview as there is no one I can think of more qualified (and easily accessible) to ask questions of about Quake Champions eSports than the man who dedicates himself to covering it. Furthermore, Hawr1x was AT Lucca to witness all the happening in person.


Artwork by Haducant/Spaced.

Music by Immorpher:





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Mojo will no longer keep stats for Liquidpedia

Jake “Mojo” Valianes decided enough was enough and is no longer going to keep stats for Liquidpedia.

I don’t know about you but I sure appreciated his work over on Liquidpedia as I’ve been there many times.

Below is the tweet.

This is NUTS. I had no idea 1 single unpaid person was keeping all the quake stats for Liquidpedia! If you are looking for the Twitlonger he posted you can read it here. –, here is a backup.

This event happened during and after the Lucca quake champions 2019 event.

The Major Things To take away from this

FACIT the e-Sports website, which has paid workers to run numbers and events etc… Was using Mojo’s FREE work that he did on Liquidpedia basically stealing it and promoting it.

You know what else is messed up, this guy done all this work keeping stats for liquidpedia FOR FREE… and he can’t even get invited to Quakecon. He has to buy his own tickets, etc… etc… From what I can tell he wasn’t reallyin it for the money anyways.

The other thing is that the points and seating were completely ALL wrong. Mojo tried to fix this by trying to get ahold of the official Quake eSports person Zero4.

Apparently, he was ignored the entire time and couldn’t get to speak to him or go backstage.

Finally, thing is that Mojo is confused as everyone else. So, since there is no official Quake Pro League website. showing everyone how points are earned. How each match will work… there is literally Liquidpedia available to the public and the guy updating the info is quitting. Zero4 told him that all his stats were wrong anyways, but then who is doing all the info? Where is it at?

Can the Fans please see it?

Stats for Liquidpedia Conclusion


If you are like me this is really concerning. This wasn’t the only thing that popped up after the Quake Champions Lucca 2019 event.

I’ll try to cover that later this week and it involves someone big.

It’s hard to believe that the QPL is being handled this poorly and for what reason I have no idea. Quake should be handled way better than it has been.

It’s really hard to believe that there is no “official” Quake Pro League website and I’ll say for one I’ve gotten a ton of information from Liquidpedia myself but I’ve at least LINKED there.

Let me know if you enjoy quake news like this and rumors as I’ll try to get them out as quick as possible if so.

QPL Lucca 2019 – Cooller Takes Home the Belt

QPL Lucca 2019 The Quake Champions event is officially over. There were a few things that went on during the event that you might not be aware of. The Quake contenders competed in a huge Catherdral in Italy it was an awesome site to see!

Credit to Hawr1x –

We discuss the Tournament down below. Congratulations to AMD’s Cooller for winning a Championship since 2011 according to LiquidPedia.

All The Challengers Won

It’s hard to believe that all 4 of the challengers went on to win their QPL roster spots. Dooi, Gnik, CNZ, and Cypher showed up to play.

Dooi swept passed SIB (no more villain?) I don’t think it was close for a second.

Credit to Hawr1x –

Br1ck put up a good fight against GNiK but, it turns out Gnik belongs on the pro circuit.

CNZ earned his spot by taking out Spart1e.

The true tale was the challenger Cypher and what he set out to accomplish.

Credit to Hawr1x –

Cypher not only earned his spot by taking out Myztro’s Garphy BUT went on to win more matches than just 1! He took out the #1 QPL Contender Rapha and making it all the way to the SEMI-FINALS! The Rivalry continues…

North America did not perform

Credit to Hawr1x –

The boys in NA didn’t perform well at all. I’m from the USA so of course, I’m pulling for my home country.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed with how everything turned out. With the HUGE upset with Cypher taking out Rapha in Rapha’s first match all weekend! Shocked and disappointed I gathered myself and decided I needed to pick a new warrior from NA. Too bad PsyGib and Dahang ended up losing their matches as well.

The NA didn’t even cross in the Semi-Final Territory for sports fans out there, they didn’t make it to the Elite 8 (NCAA Basketball). Normally the Final Four are the best quake players around.

So the European’s really showed that the NA really needs to play catch-up after this tournament’s showing.

Forty Lions Was as Shocked as I was. Credit to Hawr1x –

Cooller Took Over QPL Lucca 2019

Cooller was just completely unstoppable. I didn’t see a chink in his armor the whole entire tournament.

I thought that Rasiey was going to be able to take him down in the championship but I was 110% wrong. Basically, sweeping everyone that came into his path. Cooller proved that us older gentlemen can still compete with the youngsters.

It was good to see a Quake legend like Cooller claim a championship in the latest version of Quake. I believe the next “Quake Pro-file” will be over the Lucca 2019 Champion, Cooller.

Credit to Hawr1x –

Congratulations on the big W!


If you somehow missed the QPL Lucca 2019 event then you can probably still watch the VOD over on twitch. I’m assuming if that doesn’t work if you ever read this, they will have it up on the official Quake YouTube channel.

The event had great quake action and it is great to see some new blood from the Challenger’s League step up. If there are 2 stories you should take away from this. It’s that all the Challengers took the spots in the pro roster and a living Quake Legend name Cooller, showed these youngsters how to play quake.

I really hope the NA guys get to practicing hard as we got a whole new stage leading to another event very soon!

Be sure to follow me on twitter@realkynerd

If you watched the event what did you think? List it down below and we can talk about it!

Maybe you don’t want to read anymore and wanna watch a video.

GNIK: Quake Pro Settings – Enters the QPL, Mouse and more!

GNIK takes out ascent’s Br1ck on the season 1 finale stage Lucca. The match came down to the wire in a best of 5!

Br1ck actually had the lead 2 – 1 before GNIK put his head down and pushed forward to win 3 – 2 on the finale map: Awoken. This match-up was fantastic, but GNik has earned his spot on the Quake Pro League Roster.

GNik After Winning His 1st Match in Lucca. Gnik is also King Backwards

Who is GNIK?

GNIK (give name Cameron) hails from Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada). He works a regular day job as a technician and does bookkeeping as a second job.

Whenever Gnik isn’t playing Quake, he spends his spare time coding for fun. You can check out the awesome application he made for Quake Champions Duels right here called Qrinder. (Not Grindr)

He started playing Quake around the age of about 4 or 5 years old, through his parents. Growing up with 3 siblings and being the youngest, he always played whatever they played and from around the ages 5-6, GNik played a lot of Quake 3 v1.16. Bringing in 16+ years of Quake experience, he has competed in many online tournaments, but not in big LANS such as the Quake Pro League.

He has followed Rapha since the Quake Live days. Watching DM6 ESL Rapha Vs. Cooller really got him into competing in duels and taught him how to properly play Quake.

He has also been known to go by the in-game name as King.

GNIK’s Gear and Quake Pro Settings

Below you can find Gnik’s gear and Quake Champions Settings.



  • Video Settings: Medium everything
  • FOV: 115
  • Zoom FOV: 100
  • Sensitivity: 2.9
  • Accel: 0
  • Binds: GAUNT – 1 MG/HMG – 2 SG/SSG – 3 Tribolt – 4 RL – 5 LG – MWHEELDOWN Rail – MWHEELUP Nailgun – E


Gnik has won multiple Online Community Tournaments and has been playing Quake for a long time. He brings something fresh to the QPL and here at Quakefans, we will be pulling for the duration of his professional career.

Gnik kept his cool under pressure. He didn’t give up the entire time; even when he was down, he kept chugging along to pull off the win.

That says a lot about his mental toughness, which is required whenever competing at a high level… and he will be…

Be sure to follow Gnik on all of his Social Media Channels.

I hope everyone enjoys watching and rooting for Gnik as much as I do! Be sure to comment down below and share this on your social media if you are a fan! Also we hope you are enjoying these Quake Pro-files here on Quakefans. There are more to come!

Check out Rapha’s Settings and More