In The Keep Podcast- #10 BPS (QuakeWorld Pro)

In The Keep Podcast- #10 BPS (QuakeWorld Pro)

In this episode, Motherload finally gets to chat with Jon “BPS” Cednert. His accolades precede him. He’s competed in and won in every competition and every category a QuakeWorld pro could dream of. Aside from being one of the most decorated players in Quake history, he stands at the forefront of the community, helping to organize and the beloved QWiki, putting together competitions including the upcoming QHLan2019 and far more than could ever be listed here.


Topics include:
– Getting into Quake
– Passion and Contribution to QuakeWorld
– Beginning the QuakeWorld Renaissance in North America
– BPS: Voltron’s Head
– Configs/Custom HUDs
– The Drowned God Compels You To Support The AFPS Community
– Black Helicopters!!!
– Mapping/textures
– Maps in Competitive Duel
– Playstyle
– Experimenting in other games: Quake 3/Live, QC:DE, Battlefield
– Suddendeath/eSports/money in QuakeWorld
– QHLan/event planning
– Production in QuakeWorld

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In The Keep Podcast – #09 Albert Adeikalam (Master Arena Developer)

Albert Adeikalam is the character/weapons modeler for the upcoming AFPS game Master Arena. He speaks passionately about the tribulations of the indie developer in the modern world, the importance and struggle of learning multiple languages, the difficulties of working with a remote team on a long-term project, his passion for drum & bass music, his journey into the game development industry and much more.

Master Arena

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Master Arena OST by La Grande Table:

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Quakecast #26: TheMotherload

For those who haven’t checked it out already, I was recently a guest on The Quakecast.

It was my esteemed pleasure to chat with dumptruck_ds (Quake Mapping Community) and Arrrcee (The Quake Grave) about my experience in Quake/AFPS, the message of the Drowned God Cthalha, the origins of In The Keep podcast and a little bit about me personally.

Their podcast is excellent. I highly recommend you hit that subscribe button and explore their catalog for more of their conversations with awesome people from all around the Quake Community.

“High tide raises all ships.”

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In The Keep Podcast – #08 M3ssia (US Quake Community)

M3ssia, “The Messiah of QuakeWorld”, is an admin for the United States Quake Community where he manages their Quake servers and events. His team is at the tip of the spear in the effort to revitalize the QuakeWorld and AFPS community in North America.

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