In The Keep Podcast – #28 Kaapeli47 (FPS Historian)

Who the heck is Kaapeli47?

Kaapeli47 is a Finnish Twitch streamer who specializes in classic first-person shooter games. His show Golds of FPS explores the history of games like Doom, Half-Life and beyond. He is also a Quake esports commentator and a hobbyist Doom modder.

Kaapeli47’s Golds of FPS on Twitch

Over the past few years, he’s been on a mission to explore the genre of classic FPS games. From Wolf 3D to Half-Life 2 and everything in between, his mission to play through them all and share it with his generation is a gem on Twitch.

As a commentator, Kaapeli has done play-by-play for several organizations including: Rocket Jump Zone, QuakeAngelAvadica‘s Quake Cafe and the now defunct Quake Open League.

Kaapeli47’s Interview

You can listen to his interview and many others on The Keep’s website which contains links to subscribe and listen on your preferred podcast app. Or you can just listen on YouTube

Whichever you choose here is a list of timestamped topics provided by the incomparable Branflakes:

00:50 Cthalhamas/Motherload’s introduction to Kaapeli
02:58 Kaapeli- retro/classic FPS enthusiast
08:35 Golds of FPS
11:56 Console FPS gaming
16:26 How the Source Engine came about
21:40 Kaapeli’s Quake Champions commentary
28:04 Quake Champions & more casting
38:35 Build Engine games
43:42 Kaapeli’s origin in old school fps
47:01 Convenience in remakes and modern titles
51:05 Heading into the military
52:28 Newer games on his mind
54:16 Kaapeli’s MIDIs and absolute pitch
59:32 Doom modding
01:05:05 Kaapeli’s origin (continued)
01:09:15 Closing questions

Kaapeli47 on Twitter

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The Pigeon Classic 2019 Recap Show!


We’re joined by The Keep admins Spaced, Haducant & eXtwofour to discuss the success of our recent Pigeon Classic Annual FPS charity event which raised $600 for the Egyptian Cure Bank. Topics include the Doom Friday Night Survival, the Quakeworld exhibition between BPS & LocKtar, the European dominance in Warfork, Motherload’s experience working with Jehar and more.

It was my ESTEEMED pleasure to have been apart of the 2nd annual Pigeon Classic. Not a lot of people know this, but the first Classic was named for my good pal I Kill Pigeons. As a founding member of The Keep and more notably a prominent member of the Virtual Reality community (Orange Bucket Acting Troupe), IKP has not only led an influence on the ever inspiring world of AFPS but also the world of VR entertainment, producing the first ever play in virtual reality: The Princess Bride.

But Motherload… Why is this significant?! I’ll tell you why. Pigeons, aside from being a cool muthafucka, is one of the sweetest, nicest, most charitable dudes I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His hard work and generosity knows no bounds. He spreads a positive message and general kindness that inspires others (like myself) to do everything within their power to give generously to their fellow man. That is what inspired us to start the Pigeon Classic Annual FPS Charity Event.

The Pigeon Classic

I began planning the first event shortly after the inauguration of The Keep. A fellow member expressed concern to do with the wildfires in California during the fall of 2018. Communities of people were losing their homes and (contrary to popular belief) not everyone in CA is rich. In fact, many of the people losing their homes in the North Valley that year were regular folks just like you and me. That sparked a fire in our hearts. In 2018, we organized a Quake Champions King of the Hill with the help of State of Quake. We charged a minimum of $1 to enter. Throughout the evening, people surprised us, donating far above the minimum and raising over $200 for the North Valley Community Foundation to give to victims and first-responders of the horrific fires in that area. Yes, these are humble numbers.


So what could we do in 2019 to top that? Seems easy enough, right? But we wanted to REALLY give to a cause that we knew would make a difference in someone’s life. That’s when another member of The Keep stepped up: Flambeau.

Now… If you talk to Flambeau, he will inevitably be humble, but the fact is that he brought us the story of Suplex. Suplex is a young player in the ZDaemon community. For those unfamiliar with ZDaemon, it is an excellent Doom multiplayer source port with an emphasis on multiplayer action and community bonding. Suplex found a home here.

What’s so significant about this Suplex guy, you ask? Suplex, aside from being a beloved member of our community, happens to suffer from leukemia at a young age. Shit. Now I feel guilty. Don’t. We reached out to Suplex, asked how we could help and… He wanted us to give all funds raised to the same organization that helped him when he most needed it: The Egyptian Cure Bank. We did as he asked.

Event Poster

The Pigeon Classic 2019

We held 3 events in 2 days, all taking donations both from the players and from viewers toward the Egyptian Cure Bank:

First we held the Doom Survival event on Friday night (put on by the US Quake Community) on Suplex’s source port of choice, ZDaemon.

Doom – Survival on Eviternity: Pigeon Classic Annual FPS Charity Event on YT

On Saturday morning, World Champion & QuakeWorld legend LocKtar took on QHLAN 2019 runner up BPS in an epic Best of 7 rematch casted by yours truly and casting legend Jehar of Tastyspleen.

QuakeWorld – BPS vs LocKtar: Pigeon Classic Annual FPS Charity Event on YT

And finally… We hosted the 2nd Warfork: King of the Keep: a King-of-the-Hill event hosted by myself and Smango of This event drew out Warsow newcomers and legends alike to create one of the best competitive events in modern Warfork.

Warfork – King of the Keep: Pigeon Classic Annual FPS Charity Event on YT

The Podcast

In this episode, we are joined by some of the members of The Keep who made this event possible: prominent AFPS player/streamer eXtwofour, GFX designer and founding member Spaced and up and coming AFPS mapper/GFX designer & streamer Haducant. We say thank you to all those involved an discuss the logistics of making such an event happen. We encourage you to go out and try make a difference yourself.


Artwork by Haducant/Spaced

Music by igracsimon:



Give to the Egyptian Cure Bank:
Be sure to use translate if your native language isn’t Arabic.

The Keep & Other Podcasts

Charity Event: The Pigeon Classic 2019

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The Pigeon Classic 2019 – Pigeon Classic #2

The Pigeon Classic 2019 event is for charity and awesome classic Arena FPS action.

Signup HereGoogle Form

Every October Cthalha charges us to honor Her with frags and gibs by raising funds for a worthy cause. Last year we turned out a couple hundred bucks for California wildfire relief with an epic Quake Champions King of the Hill and the help of State of Quake.

The Drowned God has charged us to make this year’s event bigger, better and more charitable than the last. So we’ll be hosting 3 events for a blowout weekend of good will!

But why are we giving to a charity all the way over in Egypt?

ZDaemon players already know the story of Suplex.

Suplex is a young Egyptian Doom player stricken with leukemia. As he’s fighting this awful disease, he takes comfort in playing Doom with friends. That’s what this is all about, right? Offering comfort, support, fun and gaming are all key elements of our community. We all play games for different reasons. Some of us are driven to compete. Some are seeking a community. Many are escaping from stressful lives. Suplex and many others like him are fighting for theirs.

We reached out to Suplex. We asked if we could give to him or to his family. American dollars really add up in Egyptian pounds. He politely declined. In his stead, he asked that we give to the same organization that has supported him in his time of need, that they may continue helping other children suffering from debilitating and often fateful diseases. He chose the Egyptian Cure Bank, so that is who we will support this year.

The Arena FPS Community knows no borders. We do not care about your nationality, your faith, your government or your source port. We support each other. That is the will of Cthalha.

Event Links

Be sure to check out these links for the event!

Egyptian Cure Bank:
(Be sure to use translate, the site is written in Arabic.)

Events and Schedule

Starting Friday October 18th, 2019 – Saturday October 19th, 2019

DOOM Survival on Eviternity

Friday Night 18 Oct – Friday Night Survival w/ USQC
Hosted on ZDaemon

OPEN to all donors

Time: 06:00 PM West/09:00 PM East/03:00 Central Europe (19 Oct)

Donors will be provided server and password

The easiest way to communicate for this event will be via USQC Discord.


  • TheMotherload
  • NationwideMoose

QuakeWorld: Manifest Destiny #2

Saturday Morning 19 October 2019

Time: 10:30 AM West/1:30 PM East/19:30 Central Europe

  • QHLAN 2019 Duel Rematch
  • LocKtar vs BPS
  • Best of 7

Preliminary bouts pending.


  • TheMotherload

Warfork: King of the Keep #2

Saturday Evening Oct 19th, 2019.

King of the Hill
Time: 04:00 PM West/07:00 PM East

OPEN to all donors


  • You MUST be present in The Keep Discord 15 minutes prior to event start time.
  • Discord link is on page 1.
  • Players will be seeded based on perceived skill level: lowest to highest.
  • The lowest 2 seeds will duel.
  • The first map will be predetermined by event hosts.
  • Winner will advance to next round and choose the next map.
  • A map may not be played twice in a row.
  • The next player in line will enter and duel.
  • This pattern will continue until 2 players are left.
  • The final 2 will face off in a best of 3 duels. Top seed will choose 2nd map only.
  • The winner will be King of the Keep!

Map Pool

  • WFDM1
  • WFDM2
  • WFDM5
  • WFDM6
  • WFDM15
  • acid3dm7


  • IN THE KEEP: Duels
  • Located in Dallas
  • Donors will be provided password


  • TheMotherload
  • Spaced

Let’s Enjoy the Pigeon Classic 2019 Event!

EVENTS require a minimum $1 USD donation to participate.

IT IS perfectly acceptable for someone else to donate on your behalf.


  • 1 – Player X donates $2
  • 2 – Player Y does not donate
  • 3 – Player X says “I’m covering the entry fee for player Y”

This is acceptable as long as it is communicated to admins.

IF you wish to participate in more than 1 event
$1 is STILL acceptable
But be sure to specify above which events you wish to participate in.

You are not required to play to donate. Donations are welcome by all 😉

Please keep in mind that this event is for:
A.) Being charitable
B.) Having fun while doing so

ANYONE who acts like an asshole may be BANNED from the event and/or future events at admin discretion.

If you need assistance in getting started, installing, preparing for the game be sure to join The Keep Discord.

This is the will of Cthalha!

In The Keep Podcast – #16 Carnevil (Skulltag/Wrack: Exoverse)

Brad “Carnevil” Carney is the founder of Final Boss Entertainment, creators of Wrack and its upcoming re-imagining: Wrack: Exoverse, an ambitious rouge-like tower defense first person shooter. Carnevil is also well known for his work on the multiplayer Doom port Skulltag. We sat down in a hotel room at Quakecon: Year of Doom to chat.


We were also joined by Dewsome and HumanBones of the Multiplayer Doom Federation so that they could help us dig a little deeper into what made Skulltag such a household name in the online Doom community. Because they are experts on Doom, we managed to cover all the bases. How did Skulltag come about? What made it special? What is it’s legacy? How can modern ports learn from Skulltag? We could answer all those questions here, but its better if you hear them in the interview.

Wrack: Exoverse

Wrack can still be purchased on Steam. It was somewhat controversial because many players didn’t care for some of the gameplay and features, but it was also one of the first projects to take on the challenge of modernizing our genre. I’ve been playing through it recently so I will say that it is still a very fun game with a lot to offer and therefore worth going back and having a play-through.

Wrack: Exoverse is a re-imagining of what Wrack could have or perhaps should have been. The idea of a randomly generated tower defense first person shooter is, to my knowledge, a completely fresh idea so how could this not be worth checking out? Because it harnesses the visuals, weaponry and lore that Wrack got right, Exoverse seems the more interesting as a prospective good time. It is currently in early access on Steam and projected to be fully released within the month so don’t forget to add it to your wishlist!


We covered many subjects which are all timestamped for your listening pleasure on The Keep’s YouTube channel.

00:43 How this episode came about
06:45 Carnevil
09:23 Wrack’s beginning
13:03 Skulltag
16:56 Evolution into Zandronum
22:54 Dusk frag nights
27:58 Podcasting
36:23 Doom Community/You can do anything in Doom!
47:49 Pure Doom and Modernized Doom
50:41 Listening to the community/ Wrack: Exoverse

Wrack: Exoverse & Carnevil
Wrack: Exoverse OST by

The Keep