In The Keep Podcast – #16 Carnevil (Skulltag/Wrack: Exoverse)

Brad “Carnevil” Carney is the founder of Final Boss Entertainment, creators of Wrack and its upcoming re-imagining: Wrack: Exoverse, an ambitious rouge-like tower defense first person shooter. Carnevil is also well known for his work on the multiplayer Doom port Skulltag. We sat down in a hotel room at Quakecon: Year of Doom to chat. … Read more

Warfork: A “New” AFPS Has Arrived

Warfork the new warsow

Warfork officially released on steam this week on early access! Don’t wanna play on Steam… Sure thing! That being said I’ve had a blast the last couple of days running a server and play Warfork! You should join my discord community below and let’s get a warfork match going! Warfork is a Warsow … Read more