TALKING DOOM w/ Flambeau & NationwideMoose

In this episode we get In The Keep with Flambeau and NationwideMoose to talk about ZDaemon and Doom in general. Flambeau is a veteran of the multiplayer Doom community, having done everything from administrating the ZDaemon Discord to development work on some of your favorite Doom mods including John Romero’s Sigil. NationwideMoose is the head of the U.S. Quake Community where he administrates their Doom servers and Doom events.


The Keep:


US Quake Community:

Artwork by Haducant/Spaced

Music by igracsimon:…


Discovering ZDaemon and Doom
Multiplayer Doom Federation
Favorite Doom Clients and Modes
New Players/Brutal Doom/BethesDoom
The Psychology of Doom
MDF Events
USQC Events/The “Perfect” Client
Maturity in the Doom Community/And Lack-There-Of
Flambeau’s Work on Sigil/Helpful Community
Watching Growth in the AFPS Community
ZDaemon City (GTA in Doom)
The Variety of Mods in Doom/FCT
ZDaemon Sessions
Michael Jackson in Doom
Best Days to Play Doom
Why Play Doom?