Team Eisen VS. Team Clutch! WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?

November Patch 2018 Launched!

With the Team Eisen VS. Team Clutch event going on. The Official November Patch has launched!

No pulls, no full game re-downloads it is officially live!

Check the full patch notes here!

So whose SIDE are you on?

Maybe you are wondering whose side to choose? Obviously, you want to be on the WINNING side, but which side is that?

Here at, I’m going to push for Team Eisen!

That’s right you heard it here first let’s go Quake Community! We want those sweet Quake 1 weapons to be unlocked. Everyone deserves a BETTER chance to receive the ORIGINAL quake weapons. Don’t let loot boxes control your fate no more we must make these unlockable! Team Eisen all the way.

#Chooseaside on twitter, and choose TEAM EISEN.

How does the event work?

Team Eisen
                                                                                      credit to official quake forums

Each week the teams with the most frags basically get to choose the reward! With Team Eisen we will be unlocking week 1, 2 free loot boxes. Week 2 we will be unlocking a 7-day boost(Boosts kind of suck and mean nothing)! Then the finale “tally” all the Quake 1 weapons will go on sale.

If you want to go with the losing team. Otherwise known as “Team Sucks” I mean Team Clutch.  The weeks flip and all the Quake 2 weapons go on sale for the final tally.

Truthfully we all kind of win here but I’d prefer to win Quake 1 weapons.

That’s not all! All the champions are unlocked for the event. So non-champion pack owners its time to really dig into the game! Perhaps you are wondering what champ to use?

Check out our sister’s website post for Quake Champions best champions post!

Let’s go, Team Eisen!

Seriously guys, don’t worry about Team Clutch. They are going into this event with their heads down. Team Eisen is ready to rock and roll and shine. You know you want those quake 1 weapons.

No one wants to be lead by a robot anyways!

Anyways, everyone go and have fun! Let’s hope this patch is as good as everyone says it is. Let’s bring back the quake community this is a great start! Just remember if you are new to quake, Quake Champions is FREE TO PLAY, with everything unlocked RIGHT NOW. Best time to try out the game is this month!

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Quake Champions Eisen PTS

Put the Fear of Wall-e in them!

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