The Quake Minecraft Mod! – Proof of Concept

The Quake Engine never ceases to amazes me, in the Quake Minecraft mod. You can clearly see that it is entirely possible to create the game Minecraft in the Quake Engine.

It’s crazy to think a game as moddable as Quake has finally meet up with the likes of Minecraft.

In my opinion, this generations Quake is Minecraft… well sort of.

Minecraft is moddable like Quake use to be, there are tons, and tons of mods.

Tons of servers, more gametypes than you can shake a stick at. It really is sort of the Quake of Old but for the new generation.

The only other game that comes close to capturing the moddability of Quake and Minecraft is Roblox. Then there is also Doom mods which is on another level as well.

Download Mod Here!

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