Top 10 New Champions to add to Quake Champions

I was just sitting here wondering what new champions would I want to be added to Quake Champions.  Then I decided why not make a Top 10 new champions list to add to Quake Champions! Because everyone loves top 10 lists, and Quake needs some added to its life.

This Top 10 New Champions List is solely for entertainment purposes only. There are no news or updates on if these champions are coming to quake champions or if there are plans at all. Basically, this just what I would want to see added! With that being said let’s get the ball rolling! This list will be in no special order just a list of 10 I’d like to see. While some of these would require licensing, let’s remember this is for entertainment.

Now, on with the Top 10 New Champions, I’d like to see in Quake Champions.

#10. Commander Keen

Commander Keen 2019

Alright, sure. Commander Keen might be a platforming game. But, what better way to bring in other characters in the ID Software Library? I mean he is supposedly the grandson of BJ!!

Commander Keen is just an awesome name, to begin with. Even though he is technically an 8-year-old with his older brothers helmet on his head. Quake Champions would have to mature him up a bit. Looks like he makes an appearance Wolfenstein RPG as a mature adult.

Billy Blaze

With the great art style and cool looking champions that Quake Champions has. There is no doubt in my mind they could make Commander Keen look even more badass.

Come on guys we need more awesome champs. Just look at your back catalog, clearly, you don’t care to use BJ and DoomGuy? Why not dive even further back?

Also, what was the deal with the pot smoking trees? Let me know down in the comment section below.

Top 10 New Champions

#9. Gordon Freeman

gordon freeman quake champions

Gordon deserves to be in a current game. Since Valve seems to not care about the Half-life franchise anymore. Why not have Gordon enter the arena. Something he is used to.

Half-life was developed off the Quake Engine to compete with Quake… So it kind of was a “quake” game to being with. There are almost limitless possibilities for an ability. Portal gun ability maybe?

Run and jump speed because of his suit. Gordon would be an awesome addition and should be easily gotten the rights to put him into the slipgate. Come on Valve just let the use him. ID please go try to get rights to use him. I mean Sonic is in Mario games now! Anything is possible.

Heck who knows, let’s have Gordan have the ability to throw a headcrab on someone for a brief moment!

headcrab animated

#8. Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem was a semi-decent platformer. What really put Duke Nukem on the map though was Duke Nukem 3D if we are all being honest. The over-the-top action and badassness and the 1 liners are what made Duke Nukem enjoyable. Not to mention the action-packed FPS action.

Duke Nukem Quake Model

I mean seriously someone needs a good melee ability attack. Why not have Duke use his mighty kick to kick someone right in the face. Makes perfect sense to me.

Duke instantly fits into the awesome mold of Quake Champions. We need more badass characters and Duke fits in just like the perfect glove you found in the $1 bin at Wal-Mart.

#7. A Khajiit from The Elder Scrolls

Badass Kahjiit Quake
Picture from

I honestly don’t know a ton of famous Khajiit’s from TES series. I always thought it was awesome to have a human cat-like character though for some reason.

If somehow we could get the most badass one from the elder scrolls series and put him into quake champions. I think it would be a pretty cool addition.

110% would have to be a quick and light champion. Khajiit with a rocket launcher sounds awesome to me!


#6. Orbb Quake III

Orbb Quake Champions

I believe there will be tons of more champions to come from Quake III. Orbb is one that stands out because he is a freaking eyeball. With robot arms carrying him around, he is just awesome.

Seriously why isn’t he a champion already? I guess technically he already was? Perhaps he is in the works?

I have no idea but there is no mention of him. Instead, we got a lame champion like Eisen.

I’m sure some of the artists want to make their own champions but we gotta make sure we keep the core fanbase happy too! Bring orbb, it needs to be done. Or least let us know he is in the works. I mean come on he has got to be it is too easy of a stand out champion.

#5. Heretic/Hexen Series


Fighter, Mage, Cleric. I really don’t care which one, perhaps an amalgamation of all 3 somehow and give it an awesome name.

We could use a fantasy like a wizard though I would think. Wizard champion or at least some sort of spell ability might be pretty cool. Hoping that wouldn’t take to much from the “Quake” feel if a fantasy character would be added.  Maybe some kind of hell wizard with glowing red eyes would fit the mold better.

At least they already have a series to work with and throw homage to though? I mean why not the Heretic series hasn’t been touched in years. Let’s bring them to the arena.

#4. The soldier from Team Fortress 2

Solider Team Fortress 2

This is almost too obvious to really put on here. You even have the “original” rocket launcher on Team Fortress 2.

TF2 Original

He might as well make an appearance.

Valve doesn’t really make games anymore, I feel like they take stuff from Quake. So why not Quake take from them or at least “borrow”.

Although he might be a little too cartoony for Quake. Quake does have this really dark tone to it, so obviously like many of the champions above. He would need somewhat of a rework to fit the hellish look that the champions do have.

Make no mistake though, Quake Champions does have some silliness added to it. With all the crazy skins such as Keel with an eggshell as a helmet is pretty silly. I’m sure there is more room for a new champion like the Soldier from team fortress 2.

#3. Rambo

The Sylvester Stallone version too. Not whatever version they are going to bring out later.

He fights right into the mold alongside BJ in my opinion. Just kind of a stone-cold badass. Wouldn’t it be awesome to play as Rambo in Quake? I would think so.

I’m sure he would be some form of a light champion as well with great movement. Maybe something along the line to make him a bit more stealthy with his ability. Possibly even throw knives or something heck I don’t know. Really, I’m just putting ideas out there. Maybe one-day Bethesda/ID/JohnCarmack(please!) will wonder to this blog and be like OHHHH GUD IDEA.

#2. Predator

Predator Video Game

Predator has made many appearances in video games as of late. The most recent ones would be Mortal Kombat. Speaking of Mortal Kombat it seems like they got a little bit of everyone. Jason, Freddy, and PREDATOR. Why in the world can’t Quake get someone cool like this?

I mean I’m sure Quake isn’t as “big” and well known as the fighting game Mortal Kombat. Still, Quake has had an impact on the gaming community like MK.

I hate that stealth is already taken by Nyx or that would’ve been an obvious ability. Either predator’s awesome Disc saw not really sure what its called or maybe homing rockets. Even heat-seeking is taken somewhat by Visor so that won’t work either. Perhaps predator could even be a heavy champion. Seems like there are different variations of the predator so why not.


#1. Xaero Quake III

Xaero Quake Champions

If you played Quake III for any amount of time, you know who Xaero is.

Xaero was the true test of your skills starting out on Quake. The elite tier. Learning how to try to frag him at first felt impossible.

He was also scary for whatever reason. I mean he does have like a big claw or metal arm coming from his back or something. Anyways it always felt like he couldn’t miss on his stage “The Very End of You“.

I literally remember he never missed with the rail. Like ever. If the bald monk caught you in his aim, you might as well kiss some of that HP goodbye.

I feel like a good ability for him would be like a dodge technique. Say that he could do a few flips or something making him unhittable for a brief moment after dodging a shot.

Bonus: A Comedic Champion

I mean how many people ran around like Homer Simpson in Quake III? Even have the developers of the game skins was quite comical! We seriously need like a breath of comedy gold in Quake Champions. While Quake has already had a dark and serious tone to it. It always didn’t care if you added whatever you wanted. Gibbing Homer Simpson all over the place was just pure fun. Isn’t that the main goal of the game anyways? Is to have fun right?

Homer Simpson Quake III

After Thoughts

Quake Champions could use some more variety. I think at this point of this writing it does try to take itself to serious.

Like where in the world is the BFG10k? Ok, I get it would don’t want it in ranked matches but why not put it into the fun modes? While I do enjoy playing Quake on a competitive standpoint, I’ve always played it to have fun, or at least I use to back in the day. Nostalgia feelings for Excessive CTF run very high for me. It wasn’t meant to be a serious game mode but it sure was fun.

But, this post wasn’t made to talk about game mode/types this was made to throw out some ideas for Champions that quake could use or I’d love to see. You know what else you could do ID? You could probably just hire the guy that makes the Quake Champions Doom II mod.

If you enjoyed this post, hated it, or want to drop champions you’d like to see. Do that below.

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