(Video) Top 5 Tips for Noobs on How to get better at Quake Champions

Wanna know how to get better at Quake Champions? Then look no further than this post and video available for you down below!

Top 5 Tips

  • 1.) Learn the Maps
  • 2.) Choose 3 – 4 Champions to get good with
  • 3.) Learn Quake Movement and Specific Champion Movements
  • 4.) Practice, Watch Pros on Twitch, Keep Learning
  • 5.) Don’t Give Up!

We will break it down even further in the paragraphs down below but here is the list in the video and what we will chat about.

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Learn the Maps

I myself was even the culprit of not knowing some of the latest maps whenever they released. I would try to duel on my least favorite map Vale of Pnath and I would end up getting DESTORYED.

The simplest way to learn the maps on Quake Champions? PLAY THEM.

There is a simple way to play them just create a custom game. Create a Deathmatch and just put it on time limit. Don’t add any bots or anything if you want to free roam around!

how to get better at quake champions deathmatch

Jump around, find out where the weapons spawn at. The Armor shards, and the power-ups! Remember these paths! As they come in handy on where people might be going too at certain times during the game!

Choose 3 – 4 Champions to get good with

If you want to know some of the best champions in quake champions you can check out my post on kentuckynerd.com about all the champions. The best champions to really go at first are what I refer to as Medium champions. These are the champs that start out with at least 50 armor and have over 100 hp.

I’d suggest Ranger, Visor, Galena, Doom Guy, and B.J. as good starting points. They are pretty easy to learn how to use.

Learn Quake Movement and Specific Champion Movements

Now I’m going to start off by saying Quake has always had a unique movement and feel to it. It’s called Strafe Jumping. YOU must learn this technique. It is required so that you can move around the map fast enough to control items.

I suggest finding a video on learning how to strafe jump it’s really simple concept after you get the hang of it.

Here is one below that I recommend checking out.

Champion Specific Movement

Some champions have better passive movements that others. There are CPMA champions such as Anarki that are a little harder to move with unless you practice.

It is required that if you play some of the higher skilled champions that you learn how to perfect their movement abilities to get the most benefit out of using them.

Tip – If you are playing Slash RE-BIND the crouch key it will save you a lot of headaches.

Practice, Watch Pros on Twitch, Keep Learning

The best way to get better at something is well… to practice. There are certain whys you should practice though playing the game NONE stop can only get you so far. You should practice specific things in game to get the most benefit of that practice session.

Think of it like weight training or related to just about any sports. You don’t want to work the same muscle every single day you eventually will get tired and burnt out.

Pick a day work on your movement. Next day work on timing the power-ups and pickups..etc…etc.

I’m a firm believer that you can learn TONS from watching pros such as Rapha the king of Quake on Twitch. Find some people who discuss as they play what is going to happen and why they do things. Rapha is the best at this that I’ve found but there are several others out there that are great as well.

Quake Champions Twitch
The game has an in-game browser for people streaming Quake USE IT! No Sign-ups or anything


This could literally go for just about anything in life. You remember whenever you first rode a bike and you landed almost on top of your head. Maybe shed a tear or 2 and went to mom crying. Yet the next day or heck even the next hour or so you wanted to hop right back on the thing.

Quake is not “NOOB” friendly at all. Sure, they developers can sugarcoat it all they want. Making you play bots at first and letting you get 30+ kills in your first game ever of Quake Champions. Then… whenever you go into an actual match with Quake veterans you are questioning your own existence. Going negative every game isn’t fun.

It’s even happened to me! I didn’t give up though… sure I got frustrated went and punch my punching bag a few times. I couldn’t understand why in the world I was getting annihilated in the latest Quake game. But, instead of uninstalling and being a baby. I chose to watch better players. Learn pick ups. Learn the maps. Work on my mouse settings. Increase my FPS in-game to give me an advantage.

Quake is not for the weak and it will pay off if you keep trying. Don’t give up. Keep learning.

This game translates very well to other games as well.


Quake Champions is unlike any other game currently out in the Arena First Person Genre. The only upcoming games that will the similar style is Diabotical and hopefully Doom Eternal. There are also some indie games coming around the corner.

AFPS are usually always very fast paced and ruthless for noobs. Just keep learning is the best and overall key to getting better at them.

I hope you enjoyed the video and this small guide.

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